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Bob gives recurring donations to local nonprofit  


Bob gets premier, local business discounts and offers

ProSocial believes that nonprofits are the silent engines that power our community. Here's the problem. Many close their doors too soon due to lack of people and resources. What's left is a void where a worthy mission once stood and communities with fewer missions helping under served people, more homeless animals, less environmental projects and the tragic list goes on. We and our partners aim to relieve the pressure of resource insecurity. That's why our mission is to rapidly empower the nonprofit community by creating a network of people and businesses motivated to mobilize on their behalf. 

We do this through our innovative sustainable community collaboration model.

It's simple:



  1. Signs up for ProSocial Members Club & sets up recurring monthly donations to a local nonprofit/s

  2. Gets unrivaled discounts at restaurants, clothing stores, car dealerships and much more

  3. Tells friends  


  1. Registers for ProSocial NPO Club [free] & collaborates with our team to provide high end content

  2. Increases visibility, volunteers and guaranteed donor base

  3. Does more good


  1. Signs up for ProSocial Business Club & contributes meaningful offers to Members Club

  2. Increases social responsibility and loyal customer base

  3. Conscious profit growth

How does it work?

Donation Boxes

Partner with Nonprofits

Local Bakery

Support Socially Responsible Local Businesses


Connect with your community

It's more than a Nonprofit Directory.

We are the place to begin when you want to support your community.

Going out and want a few bucks off of your dining experience? [Join ProSocial Members Club and start saving]

Got a few extra dollars left over from pay day? [Join our ProSocial Members Club & give to your tribe]

Recently relocated and want to find likeminded people? [Find an NPO and get connected]

Find an opening in your busy week? [View projects and volunteer opportunities]

Got any gently used clothing or items to donate? [Find local drop off points]

Before disaster strikes. [Sign up to receive community calls to action]



We are currently working on a new, industry-leading app that will give users across the US, the chance to integrate ProSocial on a mobile device. Our easy-to-use platform will offer a wide range of features that were created to spark a shift from outdated models of giving to sustainable community collaboration. Beta version is currently in development!


The Startup Expert || Startup Success Story: ProSocial

Prosocial has identified three critical issues in the philanthropy sector. First, individuals want to give but they don’t know where to begin or trust where their money is going once they have given. Next, they’ve found that businesses want to contribute to their community but they don’t have a streamlined path. Lastly, charitable organizations need reliable fundraising tools to connect with individuals and business. The Prosocial network solves these issues...

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Giving to local organizations can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life, yet the challenges of nonprofit sustainability exist year-round. Join Robert Burgess, a curious non-profit enthusiast, as he goes behind the scenes with local nonprofit leaders, small business owners and the community to shed new light on the passionate people behind the mission and their impact. If you want to learn more about SC’s spirited and giving community or how you can do the most good, this is the podcast for you. Join the conversation at ProSocial!

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