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Meet The Team


Robert Burgess - Founder

Robert is the Founder and brain-child behind ProSocial. As a child, local nonprofits kept him fed and out of trouble. The vision of ProSocial came from over a decade of research, trial and error. He credits his grandmother and family upbringing for fostering a deep sense of community and compassion. Robert is an avid yoga, guitar, arts, nonprofit and bar scene enthusiast.


Scott Johnson - Chief People Person

Scott is an MBA grad with a passion for all things people related. During his professional career he’s connected to people and businesses with tailored solutions. He uses his passion and experience to craft exceptionally creative value for clients. Scott also enjoys spending his free time golfing, hiking, and taking photos. 


Daniely Wright - Chief Code Wrangler

Daniely is a web developer and IT specialist living in South Carolina. He loves all things music, tech, and is an avid anime viewer. In his spare time he saves the world as Superman.


RH Delaney - Director of Helping

RH is a 21st century renaissance man. He is passionate about a variety of skills. He learned how to build from a young age as a 4th generation mattress maker in West Columbia. RH has explored the food service industry, wood and metal working and is a national guild certified hypnotist. He has recently learned to operate a 3D printer. When he's not tinkering with a project, you can find him at WeCo enjoying craft beer with friends, or at home chilling with his dog Jedi. 


Callie Bell - Southern Belle 

If an office manager and Marilyn Monroe had a baby. The best organizer and all-around gal there is - making sure everyone gets their questions answered and the ship is sailing smoothly. Callie enjoys spending time in nature and in her salt pool. As a Native American woman, she believes in tanning often and burning sage to keep a balanced life. 


Matt Owens - Director of Development

Matt met Robert at the University of South Carolina while pursuing his MS in social work. After learning Robert's vision for ProSocial, and considering the vast opportunities ProSocial allowed him to give back to the nonprofit community, Matt quickly came on board. He uses his keen understanding of the needs and functions of nonprofits to develop ProSocial in the best way possible. Matt enjoys socializing with friends, cooking, learning from others, and playing volleyball.

About Us

ProSocial is a collective of civic minded community leaders, volunteering our time to make a difference. We believe in hard working, local nonprofits and the impact they have on our lives and the community. It is our mission to integrate nonprofits, businesses and end users into sustainable community collaboration. Our goal is to create ease of access for people to connect to the charitable organizations that they care about while earning rewards. It's fundraising for nonprofits made fun, easy and convenient! Join the ProSocial Movement today.

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