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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

So there we were. No money. No community support.

Quickly coming to terms with the dissolution of our organization.

For months, my partner Vince, and I raised money for his veterans nonprofit campaigns. We went to shopping plazas, restaurants, gas stations, stood in the streets and visited parks - meanwhile working full time, enrolled as a full-time student at the University of South Carolina - Columbia and an Airman in the SC Air National Guard! All funds raised (including my personal bank account) were used to pay for signs and materials that would help us achieve our goals of housing elderly veterans. But one day, after a bad meeting on campus, the stress of managing a nonprofit with no resources (except my own), balancing a life and marriage finally set in. A New Horizon was unsustainable. Our shared vision to impact the world came to an abrupt end in the spring of 2011.

No matter where you live there will be hunger, lack of opportunities, mounting medical needs - every community shares a unique challenge - and applaud the everyday heroes who step into to meet those needs.

The people and location may vary, but unfortunately the tragedy repeats. A need exists - a hero emerges - fundraising issues arise - the mission gets little to no money - resources or support.

The mission fades..

How many times have we seen this story?

We have the power to change this story from failure to bright future!

NOW is the time to optimize connections our to nonprofits that to draw us to their mission. To become better stewards of our common resources with clear intention. To empower nonprofits and reward those who do good. By using modern technology and the philosophy of networks we will build enduring relationships within and across communities establishing sustainable community collaboration.

The Prosocial Network

At Prosocial, we provide simple solutions

We connect people and businesses to causes

We do this in clever and viral ways that inspire.

It's that simple.

For our first post, we decided to keep it simple.

What is ProSocial?





  1. relating to or denoting behavior which is positive, helpful, and intended to promote social acceptance and friendship.

Everything that we do here is related to prosocial behavior. From our actions, words and strategic partnerships; prosocial behavior is at the core. We believe it is the greatest foundation to sustain a network of committed, valued members.

Welcome to Sustainable Community Collaboration.

Welcome to ProSocial!

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